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Yeah, Who's This Then?

You can call up friends directly from this website by entering their telephone number below. After a connection is made, simply click the links below to play back the prerecorded sentences to your friend. Before you make your call, you can listen to the audio clips to hear what the receiver of the call is about to experience. :-)

Your friend's name is

Listen to preview of audio clips         Sound on? Sound on?

  [ If somebody other than your friend answers the phone -> use the text in the white section ]

Check1 Hello, this is Christie York. Is [name2] there?
Check2 Thanks!
Check3 Christie York here!
Check4 Oh I'm sorry, that's private.
Check5 OK, I'll try again later then. Thank you!

The greetingNo wayyyyyy, it's [Name2]!
Vamos!Hey what's up, take a guess who it is!
(False) hintsA little hint: it's been a while!
Guessing gameOK, you guess and I'm only going to say yes or no. OK?
ChallengeSo... take a shot in the dark.
Challenge IIOh come on, two more tries.
Si, siYeah
Si, si, siYes
No, noNo (1)
Oh noooooNo (2)
Loser!Forget it, I guess there's no point.
I'm outa hereOK, I gotta go. I'll get back to you later, OK? C-ya!

Enter the telephone number (with area code):

    Call destination: 
e.g. (US): 281 404 2083
e.g. (GB): 020 3051 7839

  Telefonat aufzeichnen (*)

NOTE: Do NOT click on the audio clip links on the next site before the target person is available. In the moment you click on a audio clip link this phone number is blocked for 21 days

Exklusiv für Premium-User
*) TRANSLATE Aus rechtlichen Gründen muß Ihr Gesprächspartner der Aufzeichnung zustimmen! Haben Sie nicht zuvor um Zustimmung gebeten, kann der Angerufene rechtlich gegen Sie vorgehen, soweit er von der Aufzeichnung erfährt. Aufgezeichnete Gespräche sollten Sie daher nicht ohne Zustimmung des Angerufenen im Internet oder anderweitig veröffentlichen.

About hoaxcall.com

hoaxcall.com is a further step in the technical fusion of different communication channels. To our knowledge, hoaxcall.com is the first online application with which calls can be made without any additional software.

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