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What is hoaxcall.com?

hoaxcall.com is the first prank call portal of its kind - may be even the first in the world.

You can call real telephone numbers from real telephones here. You will hear your calling partner directly in your browser window.

Just pick a call scenario from the list on the right and then sit back and listen... You'll be surprised at how well (or how bad!) your friend reacts to your prank when you play back the prerecorded audio clips. To play the clips, simply click the sentence you want him or her to hear. It's so easy to have a bit of fun!

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Due to technical reconstruction work our service is not available until tuesday, Jan 30th 2016. We are sorry for this break.

About hoaxcall.com

hoaxcall.com is a further step in the technical fusion of different communication channels. To our knowledge, hoaxcall.com is the first online application with which calls can be made without any additional software.

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